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Final touches on our new guest area

Alice Edwards
last year

Please be so kind as to help me finish our new guest bedroom. My old post has disappeared and probably a blessing in disguise! I have all the furniture in the only spots they fit in here. Is a small narrow bedroom (9’ x 13’)

Just received my third and final bedspread today and it seems to match my bird art frames above the bed. I realize i may need a bit more fluff in the bed although the buttons along the foot are really something i like. And I still want to paint the headboard and refinish the nightstand is where I am at now.

The rattan chair and armoire have a bit of different styles but I am keeping them in here and I just hung the new curtains.

I have attempted to keep my new post here brief but informative. The wall with the straw hat is something i’m working in and hopefully can make it work. I’m really not wishing to have this room formal, just pleasant and the vintage french (not too country) was my original wishes, hopefully I can gather help from us Houzzers to get this room more complete. The adjoining bathroom we added here has made me so happy with everyone’s help. I’ll show pictures as well of that here too.

We really stretched our budget on the bathroom addition, so i’m only able to move forward with most the items i already have here.

Everyone’s welcome here as you all know me here and always appreciate the help and fun we’ve had thus far.

I’m stubborn and will bot give up on finalizing, lol.

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