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Building a garden, what should garlic NOT go next to?

Tim Anderson
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I'm about to build a garden in the back yard, and am watching/reading a ton of info about gardening, doing my research. I'd like to use the benefits of companion planting where possible to reduce opportunity for pests (aphids and whitefly are big problems where I am), and am finding garlic and onions are good companions to pretty much all the things. Thought it might be easier to ask the inverse: what should not be planted next to garlic or onions? If it's safe to do so, I'm leaning towards planting garlic dispersed throughout the beds rather than a proper row of them - but only if it's safe to do so.

Also, thought I'd share my designs for the garden. I'm pretty gall-dern excited about it :)

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