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Approaching Owner of Home Not for Sale

Nicole Shorts
3 months ago

So my husband and I were originally intending to build but for a variety of reasons have decided not to. That said, we're ultimately happy we didn't go through with building, but unfortunately the housing market is a little wonky right now which makes buying difficult. We've found a house that we really like in the town we live in, the catch is that it's not for sale and actually recently sold this past June of 2022.

This may sound like a no-go right away, but after some research, we've found out that the people who bought the house live on the other side of the country and are using it as an air bnb rental during the summer and a college rental during the winter, so there's no real emotional attachment that we can tell. From what we've gleaned, it seems like they're trying to start some sort of air bnb empire to more or less success. The bottom line is that the house seems like primarily or entirely an investment property.

The house (and ourselves) are located in a little rural town with a college and a small lake. Over the years the area has fluctuated in popularity. In the 30's-50's it was a pretty popular vacation town, after that it became rather dismal with a lot of rundown houses. Recent years has seen an upswing in popularity, but summer rentals seem like they're slowing down in popularity again and our college enrollment is way down which isn't good for student rentals. Over the entire summer we saw only a handful of vacationers (or anyone) there and we've noted that the property isn't maintained frequently with weeds growing up the side of the house and the lawn getting shin high or higher before someone takes care of it.

We really like the house for a variety of reasons, a major one being that it's within walking distance of family, and are trying to figure out how to approach the situation. The offer we're thinking of making is 50k-70k more than what they bought it for in June. We're hopeful that because it seems to be an investment property they'll be more interested in taking the money and reinvesting it in another house instead of holding out for long-term rental gains in an uncertain rental market.

All that said, I'm looking for advice on how to go about composing a letter to these people. We have their address and names, but we need to come up with something that comes across as serious without being rude or mushy, etc. Basically we're trying to figure out how to draft an attractive letter of interest, though if you have any other advice/suggestions/insight I wouldn't mind hearing that either.

Thanks in advance!

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