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Crown of Thorns Wilting

Amanda Bellow
3 months ago

A little background. I come from a family of green thumbs, and I appear to be the only one who cannot keep the easiest of plants alive.
A friend from out of town gifted me this crown of thrones (with other unknown plants that were supposed to grow to droop over the pot) and he claimed it was impossible to kill. Within a month, all the flowers fell off and the stems all started falling off, until it stabilized where it is now (leaves were green and stem appeared healthy). And the few signs of additional plants starting to grow disappeared fast.
I have since moved to a new apartment that only has a fraction of the sunlight my last place did, but it was seemly doing great outside during the summer. I left town one weekend when we got unexpected storms, and I came back to it drooping like this. I thought bringing it back inside until the weather stopped being crazy and letting it dry would help, but it's been a couple of weeks of me being careful to bring it in when the temperatures drop at night and when it looks like it might rain/ when I leave town for more than a day trip.
This is one of two plants I've been able to keep alive for about year, and even my lucky bamboo is recently looking rough with change of address/ less windows as the only change...
I am desperate to learn how to keep plants alive. What can be done? And what would y'all suggest as good plants for those with busy schedules, and live in an apartment with limited sunlight both inside and outside in Central Texas?

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