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SUPER CONFUSED - TV, Roku, streaming, channels!!!

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

Bring me into this century please! I only watch Netflix and Amazon on a laptop and know nothing about purchasing TV. What kind of TV and service do I use/buy for guest apartment down the hall from our apartment?

My parents will stay there a few times a year and requested a TV to watch the NBC nightly news, PBS, Steelers games, Law & Order. How do I get a few TV stations on a new TV? I don't want to pay for cable on a TV that won't be used that often. What is Roku, should I get a TV with it and can those channels be watched for free with it? They have it at home so know how to use it.

Are rabbit ears a thing? Would they work in a NYC apartment building with lots of air traffic going overhead?

Whatever the set up is, it needs to be easy for me to install and very simple for my parents to use.

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