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Just curious - quick question about hostas in the ground vs in pots

I don't usually post here but a question popped into my mind when I was walking into my house yesterday. I noticed that two hostas which I have in pots on my patio are still looking really good, while the hostas out in the gardens are pretty much toast. And these potted hostas were dug up from a friend's garden in spring, and just thrown into a pot with a handful of soil because I was going to plant them right away. Ha, yeah right.

Anyway, is this a usual occurence or situation? Do potted hostas do better (or at least last longer) than in-ground ones? They are in about equal light situations, and equally neglected by me, so it's not like the ones on the patio got better care. There might be a VERY slight difference in protection on the patio (from winds, etc), and I suppose the patio could be warmer because of the pavers, but it doesn't get much sun to begin with.

some hostas in the garden

Ivory Queen in a pot

Northern Lights(?) in a pot

Just curious... Thanks!



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