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Keeping Begonias in Shade Houses

Ray Moayeri
3 months ago

I have a good number of Begonias, and I would like to place as many as possible in my two shade houses. One shade house is at 60%, and the other 40%. So I have fibrous begonias, semi rhizomatous, rex, and semi-tuberous. For each of these three classifications, which should I place in 60% shade, and which in 40%, and which in full sun, for ideal conditions?

Also, I have heard that light and temperature can affect colors. I have a 'Pink Diamond' which can turn white, but has not yet indoors. Will more. light, or less light encourage lighter white coloration? And I have the same question for color intensity of colorful leafed species, does greater shade or greater light encourage color?

Thanks in advance!

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