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Digging up saplings in my yard

last year

Hubs and I are moving from a home surrounded by trees to a new home about 20 miles away on an acre lot that is former farmland, that is, not a tree one on my lot. We close likely in December on the new home and are hoping to close on current home around the same time.

i would like to collect saplings from our yard to transplant to our new lot.

My question is how best to collect and preserve these samplings from our yard before the yard guys come and mow them down. we have, as far as i have been to identify: White Oak, Yellow Poplar, Red Maple,Ash and some kind of birch. i was thinking of taking 3-5’ saplings, dig up a big rootball and immediatly insert into damp mix in a 10 gallon container. does that soud reasonable? what kind of mix? should i store in a garage or under the deck?

Any thoughts appreciated.

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