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What's this worm/ larva eating roots of Heuchera in pots?

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Update: Since my pest was so quickly ID'd I'm including PNW exchange forum in hopes of receiving advice on methods of control I can use that work in my neck of the woods. Thanks all! Kathy

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While tending to my Coral Bells in big pots a few weeks ago, I had discovered a CB plant was simply sitting on top of soil with only tiny hair roots and not even attached to pot soil. Since it's Fall, no heat so it looked pretty okay health wise. I removed that fairly new plant, a "Forever Purple" CB & stuck it in ground. Today, I found the same situation in two other pots with an older NOID CB & a newish "Forever Red" CB. This time I when I lifted the Forever Red CB, I saw tiny whitish curved larva? or worms? sitting on top of soil at CB root. I scooped them out & dug down to confirm all the root is gone. These curved wormy larva things have a brighter light brown color at one end that must be the head. My iPhone pics here are not sharp, The last pic shows the bottom of a CB plant with no roots except tiny hair roots. Can you ID these nasty things for me & tell me what to do? BTW, these pots have other plants like ivy, sword fern, lonicera in them which are all still attached to soil & seem fine. I have many, many Coral Bells throughout my yard & it dawned on me that I had couple newer ones in ground thata couple months back, I discovered this same issue with but had chalked it up to a one off thing from either slugs or squirrels, both the bane of my garden here in PNW Zone 8.

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