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Pantry shelves design

Kara Gladish
last month
last modified: last month

I know there are strong pantry opinions out there that will help me out! :D Just got a new pantry closet as a part of a kitchen renovation, but still working out the shelf design before fully moving into it, as you can see. So, here's what I'm working with. Check out pics, my amalgamation of inspo, and mocked up design:

  • U-shaped shelves for visibility (vs. current deep shelves)
  • Relatively shallow shelves so it's easier to access things
  • Would have started shelves lower, but need space for trash and recycling
  • "Taper" shelves' depths, arm widths, and spacing to squeeze in 5 shelves but still be able to fit larger items
  • Our old, smaller pantry's shelves were very narrow at the sides - like the width of a can. So 6 inches seems like an upgrade without being deep enough to lose things.

Thoughts? There are infinite depth, width, and spacing combos so I'd appreciate your input!

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