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While we are on the subject of awards:

Does anyone on our forum grow any of these new award winners (thanks to Floota on NGA for the information which is not on AHS site yet).................Maryl

Awards of Merit ( Usually 12, 13 this year with a tie)
1.Breathing. In Snowflakes
2. Sebastian on Steroids
3. Hats Off To Sue
4. Back to Black
5. Depends on the Whether
6. Barcode
7. The One Ring
8. Wigglesworth
9.Asheville White Winged Dove
10.Little Donnie Darko
11.Stop the Car
12. Cheddar Explosion by Diana Gossard
13. Sir Francis Drake

Honorable Mention( only top 10 listed here)
1. Dietmar's Wisdom
2.Katisue Herrington
3. Darth CIDUOUS
4. Pumpkin Britches
5. Peanut Butter Frenzy
6. Perry's Harem
7. Little Peanut
8. Dolly Poly
9. Little Ricky
10. Garden Fairy

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