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Heat Gun With Temperature Over 2000 Fahrenheit / 1100 Celsius?

westes Zone 9b California SF Bay
last year
last modified: last year

What temperature will melt 10-year-old acrylic paint on concrete? Amazingly, the highest temperature setting of 1200F on a heat gun did nothing to it. I then tested with a flamethrower (one of those garden weeding devices that use an attached propane tank as the fuel) and this does remove most of the paint - except for crevices - but it leaves the concrete scorched. Since a flamethrower reaches temperatures around 3000F, that suggests the melting point is somewhere in between 1200F and 3000F.

Can anyone recommend a heat gun that can go higher than 2000F? I would like to have more precise temperature control than what I get with a flamethrower.

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