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Eucodenia Cathy dying

Su Seven
3 months ago

hi, I live in vienna. I plant it on 16.06.2022. Both are approx 5 cm long till now, Should have grown taller? Cathy is dying. Adele is fragile. Yellow leaves. My soil is normal soil, perlite, coco pellets, vermiculite, Peat Moss. I kept it more dry and watered below, not on top. It is on windowsill in living room. 19 degree- 22 degree celsius. Sun from morning till 5 o clock.

what am I doing wrong, shall I give destiled water? I give rain water. Shall I try normal water? Whats the problem with my plant :..(? my kohlerias also grow slowly. Sometimes they die when they are very small. They become lax, and die.

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