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Anyone have success w/ hybrid closet system and freestanding dresser?

Margo C
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Hi, we are near to finishing our addition (I hope!!) which includes a walk-in closet. We are super-excited! But, the task of furnishing this closet is up to us (will not be handled by the contractor) so we are trying to figure out the best approach.

We checked out both Avera and Elfa at the container store, as well as California Closets and Ikea. My husband had a strong negative reaction to CA Closets. We both really liked Avera at the container store but found Elfa to seem rickety. Ikea seemed fine, but our closet has some nonstandard dimensions and we're a little nervous with going with Pax for that reason.

One idea that occurred to me is using something like Elfa on top (for shelves and hanging) and a freestanding dresser underneath that for drawers, since the drawers in systems are so exhorbitant. But, I am having trouble conceiving whether that would look hodge-podge or whether there's a way to make it look nice and integrated? I tried finding some examples on this site and in google images but I wasn't successful (not sure if just using the wrong search terms??)

Have you had success with this, or have you seen someone that has done this successfully?

Thank you!!

Floor plan -- note, there is a bump-out in the bottom left corner not shown below where a duct was dry-walled in. Also, the width (left-to-right as in the image below) is actually 104", somehow they built it a little larger than the plans.

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