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Weekend Music (FNM): Walk, Run, Part III

5 months ago

Since it's still Friday, I decided to start Part III, as I still have several songs that I wanted to add.

Key words this weekend: walk, run, walking, running, walker, runner, etc.

Link to Part II

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  • Lars
    Original Author
    5 months ago
    last modified: 5 months ago

    Flip side:

  • roxsol
    5 months ago

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  • Lars
    Original Author
    5 months ago

  • Lars
    Original Author
    5 months ago

    This song starts with a walk

    "You walked right by me, like you never knew me."

    I have several Rita Pavone CDs - most of the songs are in Italian.

  • Annie Deighnaugh
    5 months ago

    So many I don't know if this was already posted or not...

    Walking on Sunshine

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  • LoneJack Zn 6a, KC
    5 months ago
    last modified: 5 months ago

    Is it too early for Christmas music?

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  • lettersatoz
    5 months ago

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  • Lars
    Original Author
    5 months ago

    Another song about running:

  • dedtired
    5 months ago

    Brilliant lyrics 🙄

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  • carolb_w_fl_coastal_9b
    5 months ago

    And the bass keeps runnin'...

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  • lettersatoz
    5 months ago

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  • lettersatoz
    5 months ago

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  • prairiemoon2 z6b MA
    4 months ago

    I did not know there was a Garden Party forum!? lol And definitely didn't know people posted music videos. I like the thread. I'm wondering does anyone post a thread on any topic on just the weekends or is that something one person does for the forum?

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  • Lars
    Original Author
    4 months ago
    last modified: 4 months ago

    FNM (formerly called Friday Night Music) used to be on Hot Topics so that people there could be civil with each other, and when HT was discontinued, it was decided that FNM should continue on either Garden Party or Kitchen Table, and so it was cross posted on both forums.

    GP otherwise has little traffic, and so it was used as a place where one could easily see what music topics had been posted, so that the themes would not repeat.

    Anyone can post FNM, but originally Maddieemo and I were doing it, and then she decided not to post here, and so I continued it. I changed the name from Friday Night Music to "Weekend Music" because the threads generally lasted all weekend and not just Friday Night. I kept the acronym FNM to make it easier to search for existing themes.

    I would be happy if someone else wanted to take over starting FNM, as it is getting difficult for me to keep coming up with new themes. I have compiled a list in a Word document of previously used themes that I refer to and can share that list. I also have on this list about ten prospective themes that I have not used yet.

  • Lars
    Original Author
    4 months ago
    last modified: 4 months ago

    List of previously used themes for FNM:

    • Walk, Run
    • Light, Bright, Shine, Lightning
    • Smile, laugh, happy (in general)
    • When; Now, Later, Always, Forever, Until
    • See, Look, Eyes, Vision
    • Royalty, queen, king, lord, lady, castle
    • Colors (includes white and black)
    • Break, Breaking, Broken, Piece(s)
    • No Not Never Nobody Nowhere No One
    • Cry, Cried, Crying, Tears, Teardrops
    • Who What or Why
    • Dream, Nightmare, Bed, Sleep, Slept
    • Birds/Flight
    • Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets
    • Happy 4th of July
    • by
    • with/without
    • Hello/Goodbye - Greetings
    • Lost and Found (I'm Deranged, from Lost Highway)
    • Life Stages (Baby, Child, Teenager, Girl, Boy, Woman)
    • Change
    • Easter Passover
    • Smoke and mirrors – fire, burn, reflection
    • War and Peace
    • Remember, forget, memories
    • Architecture & Interior Design: Doors, windows,
    • furniture, buildings, etc.
    • Games, super bowl, Olympics, competition, win, lose, etc.
    • Words: talk, tell, call, speak, write/wrote, story, tale,
    • book, text, phone
    • Hold me, Touch me, kiss and hug
    • Happy New Year Beginning End Old
    • Us vs Them, We or They
    • Food & Drink
    • Halloween
    • Machines, Tools, Instruments
    • Weather
    • Come here or Go Away
    • Time: seconds minutes hours
    • Parts of the body
    • House & Home
    • Water/wet
    • Like
    • Me, My/Myself & I/I’ve
    • Hot Fun in the Sun, Summertime
    • Size/Quantity (How much, how many)
    • Roads! (streets, avenues, blvds)
    • Guys & Dolls, Women & Men, Boys & Girls
    • Psych Out, Psycho, Illusion, Deception
    • "To Have and Have Not"
    • Directions (up, down, left, right, etc)
    • Do, Don’t, Will, Won’t, Does & Doesn’t
    • Plant Kingdom
    • Flowers & Spring
    • Clothes & Image
    • The World & Places In It
    • Physical Actions
    • Animal Kingdom
    • Heart & Soul
    • You

    EltonJohnDenver's topics / already done:

    • Movies
    • Night & Day
    • Cops & Robbers
    • Is there a doctor in the house
    • Pick & Mix
    • Easy Living
    • “Name” that tune
    • Adjectives
    • I've been working
    • Lost in Space
    • In the House
    • Getting Around (similar to transportation)
    • What's in a Date
    • Tired of Waiting

    From Carol:

    • for Mom
  • prairiemoon2 z6b MA
    4 months ago

    That's a lot of topics! I assume I can still post to some of them? And can anyone start a topic? Here's one for the Walk/Run topic. I tried to find a live performance but didn't see one.

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  • prairiemoon2 z6b MA
    4 months ago

    I just realized - it's WEEKEND Music - I'll come back on the weekend. lol

  • Lars
    Original Author
    4 months ago

    Anyone can start a topic, and so if you want to start one this week, you can post it on Friday. I'll make sure to give you time to do so. Just make sure that you cross post to both KT and GP, to follow the tradition, and put "FNM" in the title to make a search easier. MM and I made the rules up, and so you don't absolutely have to follow them, but it is helpful if you do.

    People normally do not post to old music threads, but there is no reason not to. Just make sure that you post to the last version. If you see a link to Part II or Part III at or near the end of the thread, follow that link to get to the last part and post on that one rather than on the earlier parts.

    The main rule is that FNM starts on Friday, and that is when people look for it.

  • prairiemoon2 z6b MA
    4 months ago

    Thank you for explaining it to me, I should have waited before I posted songs. Sorry. You've covered a lot of topics already so I'm not sure I'd feel it necessary to start one of my own. You've done a great job. I'm pleased that there is an interest in music here on the forums. I'll come back on Fridays and check in to see what is the topic for the weekend and post then. I'll just leave those I already posted. I'll go back and make sure they are on the most recent version of the topic. Thank you Lars!

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