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How to successfully 'establish' Common Milkweed vs aphid issue

Lynn Nevins
last year

Hi everyone! So about maybe 4 or so months ago, I successfully germinated some Common Milkweed seeds. I planted them in very large containers (that's my only option here in NYC, Zone 6b...container gardening...) ...they were in very large containers up on my rooftop.

I had three successful seedlings, and while the plants were too young to amount to anything, much less to get buds or flowers, some of the stems did develop a number of large leaves...with the plants getting up to maybe 5" in height.

I had constant issues with aphids however, and even while spraying the plants with a combo of neem/castille soap/cinnamon powder would kill the aphids, it was really hard keeping up. I'd spray every few days...sometimes a few days in a row...but over time, the aphids won.

So now, it's October 21, and the days are getting shorter. My three 'plants' are now mere sticks. The last of the leaves totally fell off a few days ago...I suspect, due to aphids, vs any seasonal changes.

Because these plants never really got all that established, does anyone have a guess as to whether (assuming all other conditions are normal/good) I should expect these to come back in the Spring, and developing further growth? Or will I likely have to start all over from scratch, this time giving the seedlings more of a running chance, by germinating them earlier in next year's growing season?


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