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Microclover lawn...

last year
last modified: 9 months ago

I have a tiny backyard that I don't water in the summer. I want to supplement it with microclover since that tends to be slightly greener than grass during dry times (and the bees love it). I have no need for our lawn to look "perfect". I am a lazy caretaker of my yard. I feel like microclover will be relatively easy to plant and low maintenance. We don't walk on this lawn very often at all, but occasionally we do like to sit around back there.

Planting Zone 8a (Seattle). Questions:

1. what brand of seed do you recommend?

2. can I overseed if I aerate it first, or do I need to rip the grass out?

3. Is April the best time to do this? (we've been getting uncommonly cold winters these past few years. note, see edit below)

4. if you don't recommend microclover for some reason, what would you recommend?

EDIT: we're getting a bunch of weed cloth removed and the soil underneath broken up -- so now there are going to be big muddy patches. I'm thinking it might be best to throw the seed down now or else I'm worried the mud will be too hard this spring. But still looking for recommendations on brand of microclover seed!

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