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Oso Easy Italian Ice Photos

Steve_M in PA
last year

Hello all. I bought five rose plants this year, and I have three plants left. :o Of those three, only one has shown any sign of blooming in the last month or so. That one is Oso Easy Italian Ice. I bought it as an own-root potted plant (4 inch / 1 quart) around mid-July. It had a couple of buds when I got it (and one hip). After those blooms, it took a little time off. But it has recently put out one more bloom. Here is a photo sequence. I think the first picture is from Saturday 10/15, and the last is from Tuesday 10/18. The bloom still looks the same a couple of days later.

Plant with bud (excuse the calamint, which went to seed and looks dead now). Note that the leaves are nearly perfect. I removed one or two leaves showing a touch of mildew or yellowing as I saw them.

Bud opening - more yellow than I expected, and a surprise stripe of carmine red:

Almost open:

Fully open:

After about a day of being fully open, the flower did something neat. It developed pink streaks around the edges of the petals. They are rather bright and intense in person - it looks like someone touched up the flower with a pink highlighter. :)

Also, as I mentioned in a brief post about this rose before, the flowers are fragrant. The scent is sweet and pleasant, but not very complex or fascinating. So far, it's nothing to write home about... but still, I much prefer a rose with scent to a rose without!

I do recommend this rose as worth a try, especially because it is readily and cheaply available at Home Depot, Proven Winners, and other places.

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