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Need advice- LVP over hardwood floors?

last year
last modified: last year

I just purchased a 1958 home that has its original hardwood floors which seller just had refinished. I have 2 large dogs and usually foster 2 large dogs (65 lbs to 100 lbs) at the same time. I have to house train them and I know the current hardwood floors will get trashed. I had Coretec LVP installed in previous home and it wore great from all the dog accidents (pee and poop) and indoor dog chasing. I am thinking about floating the Coretec above the existing hardwood floors to protect it from wear and tear. I know eventually Coretec will be out of style when I sell this house and can remove the Coretec to reveal the beautiful hardwood underneath without having to refinish it. What would you do?

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