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Homemade dehydrated bean soup mix

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Yes, it was the year of the heirloom bean. I had purchased a 32 bean and 8 vegetable soup mixture that I liked a lot, but I hate to pay $10 or so for beans. I thought I'd just make my own, and so I started ordering bean seeds, LOL. After some consideration, I decided against growing/shelling lentils and so I bought those, as well as garbanzos and split peas. The rest of the beans I grew. This mixture has:

Hildago (looks like a cannellini bean to me)

Taylor's Horticultural (cranberry bean)

Painted Pony (very pretty but a real pain to shell)

Jacob's Cattle Gold

Charlevoix Red Kidney

Pinto Beans

Dixie Butter Peas

Crowder Peas

Christmas Limas

Scarlet Runner Beans (possibly the prettiest bean I've ever seen)

Purple Hull Cow Peas

Purchased red and green lentils

Purchased green and yellow split peas

Purchased garbanzo beans

So, not 32 beans, more like 15, but they are very pretty:

I mixed enough beans to get 4 half gallon jars of dried bean mix, and still have lots of beans left for more soup mix if it suits me, or "just plain beans". I'll add the 8 vegetables when I cook the soup, along with barley if the soup is just for me, or brown rice if I'm sharing with Amanda, she can't have the gluten in the barley.

My leftover beans:

I guess this was my "Year of the Bean", LOL, but Elery and I both like beans a lot and so we're happy, although shelling all those beans was tedious.


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