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LVP Lions Floor Tannin Honey

Anyone have this flooring installed in their home? I tried the online simulation and it looks a lot lighter than it looks in the sample I took home. How accurate are those simulations anyway?

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  • Mrs. S
    5 months ago

    Anything online is only some indication of color. I would order a box or two of the product. It's a minimal investment to get a great idea of what it will look like in your home. You can drag the boards all over, and see them against your walls, furniture, other flooring, etc. I wouldn't rely on an online photo, except perhaps for showing "stripes" or extreme board variation that might not be apparent on a small sample board.

  • Carmen Julia Aparicio
    Original Author
    5 months ago

    Thank you for the suggestion

  • Paula Moggio
    5 months ago

    Hi Carmen. I too am looking at Lion's Floors. Did you decide to go with the Tannin Honey? I'm starting to realize that all pictures seem to show the floor color much more darker or warmer than it is in real life (or at least the samples I've seen). I'm wondering if anyone has seen a sample of Fortress Dawn - or maybe you have? I really like the Tannin Honey in the pic! Is it a lot lighter in person?

  • Carmen Julia Aparicio
    Original Author
    4 months ago

    I decided on a slightly darker color with a bit more knots.

  • elmo629
    2 months ago

    i am also considering Lion’s floor in Shangri La but I’m nervous due to lack of reviews. Did you end up installing them? Do you have photos you could share?

  • Sheila Bates
    last month

    Would SW agreeable grey go with this floor color (tanin honey)? I brought this floor sample home and it seemed much darker than at the showroom. My walls are painted SW agreeable grey