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Help with dying tree sized Giant Bird of Paradise

last year

Struggling to determine what is wrong with a giant bird of paradise (Strelitzia nicola)

, outdoor at tree size, in San Diego California. The pictures show the tree 6 months ago when we first moved in, and now in the fall. 4 lower leaves have turned gradually brown and had to be cut off, while the trunk appears to be black/brown with dried white spots, moving upwards. There are some orange spots on the upper leaves. My best guess is some form of root rot, but we have only watered about once per month with large soakings, after reading they do not need much or any added water when at this large tree size in southern california. I did notice a mealybug infestation about 2 months ago, and used this systemic pesticide on it (BioAdvanced 12 Month Protect and Feed). Any diagnosis ideas?

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