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Interior or exterior French drain

5 months ago

I’m looking for some guidance as where both online and from local contractors I’ve seen a variety of opinions.

Is an interior French drain in the basement vs external foundation waterproofing and French drain superior?

I live in a 100 year old house with a concrete foundation. So I’m concerned about moisture impacting the integrity of the foundation but I’m also not sure if that’s a practical concern (the house seems to have been fine for 100 years!). An exterior job would be significantly more complicated because there is an extension over a crawl space and 3 sets of exterior concrete steps that would either have to be demolished to do exterior waterproofing, or they have to skip those spans. We consistently get water in the basement when it rains, but not a large amount (estimating a few buckets).

We also plan on finishing the basement once we waterproof

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