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Freaking out - new home - High voltage and gas in front of house

sn na
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago


we bought a resale home in July and jyst moved in. there is some electric high voltage box right in front of the house which is very concerning. i vaguely recall asking my agent and her saying its ok.. we did not look into further at that time because of desperate need and high competition. After moving in , we freaked out for 2 days and convinced ourselves that ekectric thing must be ok since they would have folliwed guidelines. today, we all got a mail from PECO about gas lines and it said people in and around 50 feet vicinity need to be careful and they sent a 5 page document about how dangatous it could be. we looked out and we have yellow thing which says ”gas facility” on it right next to the ekectric one and my first floor bedroom is only 20 feet away. we are very concerned/freaking out not knowing what it means..

can someone help me in understanding what they both mean and how dangerous is it to live so close to them. any precautions (like installing anything ) are needed to take for our health and safety.

see puc for ref..our house is the one on right side

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