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replace steam boiler or convert to hot water/forced air?

last year

We're in a almost 100yr old house and have a steam boiler that appears to be leaking. We had someone come by and said we needed to replace it but we are wondering if it's worth converting to a hot water system. Half the house is heated with steam and the other with hot water (so we have two boilers). The steam radiators are two pipe systems. We're just not sure if we should just replace our steam boiler for a new one or convert to a hot water system if steam is a dying trade?

Also, the person said that our chimeny could not support both boilers (250k and 150k BTU) and that we would need to install a mechanism to ensure that both boilers would never turn on at the same time... is this common or is it overkill?

Would welcome any thoughts and guidance on this topic! Thanks in advance!

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