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Shower diverter -- integrate with control valve vs no volume control?

3 months ago

I am planning a remodel of a secondary bathroom -- walk-in shower with two heads -- one jet shower head and one handheld. I'm in CA where the water flow is restricted to 1.8 GPM on shower heads and only one head can be used at a time.

Hansgrohe Axor offers two types of shower head diverters. One type allows for controlling the volume while selecting the shower head -- turn to the right for one head and keep turning to get to full volume; turn to the left for the other head. Another type has two on/off push buttons -- only one head can be activated at a time -- the spray is always at full volume -- no control over the volume.

In the bathrooms that I have already remodeled, the diverter valve and control valves are separate. The control valve turns on the water and adjusts the volume. A separate valve selects the shower head. I always turn the shower to full volume.

Do I need volume control? Or would the on/off diverter without volume control be an easier choice? See attached photos -- "on/off" push-button diverter in polished chrome; diverter integrated with control valve in satin finish -- the larger round knob is the thermostatic control.

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