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Burned my rosemary by drying in the oven :(

catherinet (5IN)
4 months ago

I usually dry my rosemary by using my old Ronco dehydrator. But that takes awhile and I have to constantly change the various "shelves" to different spots and rotate them. So I looked up how to dry Rosemary in the oven. It said to dry at 180F for 2-4 hours. I tested my oven and it seemed to be reliable. So I put all the stems on a big parchment lined pan and put it in the oven and checked it every 15 minutes. After 1 hour, it looked too done. I took it out and it had lost all it's green color and flavor. I'm bummed. I'm thinking that recipe online was wrong, or maybe I shouldn't have used a pan that was almost as big as the oven shelf? Any ideas? Thanks.

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