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Mildew on Rugosa leaves

3 months ago

My Snow Pavement rugosa was very healthy all summer aside from a brief spidermite attack, but now the temperatures are cooling she is getting a bit of mildew. It's not bad (yet) but it's definitely there.
I know you're not supposed to spray rugosas with any fungicides, but I was wondering if they can handle an organic treatment?
When she got spidermites I took a chance and sprayed her with thyme extract, it didn't harm her foliage at all and got rid of the bugs. So I'm wondering if she might be able to handle spraying with baking soda or a milk treatment? Has anyone tried this on Rugosa leaves?
Should I just cut off the affected leaves? They're kind of all over so she'd be left looking very odd, I'd rather not if there's another way.
She's in a pot, so would moving her to a sunnier location help?
I've never had any fungal diseases on my rugosas, so I really don't know what to do. Does anyone know a treatment that won't cause her to defoliate?

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