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MOONLIGHT IN PARIS- How did yours perform in 2022 season?

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I planted Moonlight in Paris rose in spring 2021. It had a nice beginner year and finally by fall it showed some pink, peach, cream colors. However, in 2022 season it grew much bigger. It started out meek after my freezing winter where I pruned it back to about 1 foot in the spring.

It bloomed and grew all season 2022, but this fall 2022 it finally put on a spectacular display! I wonder if it could bloom this much all season in it’s 3rd year (2023) if it’s healthy after winter?

How did your MIP do this year? How old is your MIP? And when does it bloom the most abundantly and colorfully?

I wonder if there’s another rose that blooms as much as MIP, which is a floribunda…. and as magnificently? … has had constant blooms now for so long…. I don’t remember it not blooming.

Today it had 25 blooms and up to 40 buds on Oct 5, 2022 and it started showing the most vibrant yellow centers, pink, peaches and cream blooms ever!!!

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