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Old deck, home inspection

Chad S
2 months ago

In the process of selling my house. The buyers home inspector has several defects from a 4’ elevated deck that was built 33 years ago..

Number one- Deck supports or possibly called the cross beams can’t be nailed, they have to use brackets and be screwed in.

The deck needs to rest on top of the vertical 4x4’s. So the support of the deck is on the 4 x4. Right now the corners are bolted to the 4 x 4.

The deck is probably 4’ off of the ground.

The top deck boards are nailed in but need to be screwed in.

I understand if it was being built today and how things have changed. Is it normal to have so much attention spent on a deck..

Are these things normal with older decks? Is it typical to have to change all of it out?

I am going to see if there was a building permit pulled for it.

There are a couple of other things I’ll post that I need to know how to fix or what they mean..

Thanks for your help!

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