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Overwintering Container Hibiscus

4 months ago

Hi all! I'm looking for some advice on inducing dormancy in my container hibiscus plants. They're indoor south-facing windowsill plants. Last year I kept them in the window growing with the occasional flower, but this year I'd like to experiment with inducing dormancy. My research brought me to a few comments, including by Al Tapla, indicating I can relocate them to a dark cool place and allow the soil to dry out, limiting waterings to light and occasional. Presently I have only a cursory understanding of the biology of dormancy, basically that metabolism slows down until X or Y happens.

Are there best practices for inducing dormancy? What changes should I watch out for? Any advice on inducing dormancy, dormancy in general, or hibiscus care is very much appreciated. Understanding and encouraging the natural ebb and flow of my plants through the seasons feels like a great next step in learning to enable happy plants, I look forward to learning more and appreciate any resources or wisdom shared.

Thanks much in advanced!

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