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I may have screwed up

last month
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I bought the wrong potting mix this spring. It seemed pretty heavy, so I added a bag of perlite. I've moved my hosta around where I can get to them, and I'm afraid some of my hosta are not drying out soon enough.

The problem is mostly the "new to me" plants purchased this year. I decided to knock out the ones with the problem and just replace the medium that isn't filled with roots with a lighter mix. When I got home with a bag of my usual, I realized it has fertilizer in it. I think it's too late to fertilize with anything that is not water soluble.

Even though we don't have freezes like you guys up north do, I have lost small young hosta in a cold, wet spring. The potting mix didn't freeze, it just stayed wet.

The two that seem to be the worst are two I got accidentally in a screwed up order. One is Empress Wu and the other is Brother Stephan. They were such big plants that I may have "over" potted them. They are both multi-eyed plants. They ended up giving them to me, as I would never have ordered such a big plant, so I don't have much invested.

So, would you just wait and see what happens and move them to cover if it is a cold and rainy spring? Or, would you go back and some some potting medium without fertilizer in it, as was my original plan?

Our average first killing frost is Nov. 15. I'm in Texas in 7b.


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