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Washer/Dryer in Closet or in the Bathroom? FLOORPLANS

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Me again with another W/D question! I tweaked the floorplans further and came up with two options below. Both utilize a wide-but-narrow closet from the bedroom nearby, but one option has the W/D facing the stairs landing (1 step) and the other is in the kids' shared bathroom. This is an additional set of W/D - we have a laundry room in the basement but we'd like to have a set near the bedrooms.

1. Do you have prefer version 1 or 2? W/D in hallway/landing or in the bathroom?

2. Is it weird to have the bathroom door swing towards the vanity? It doesn't touch it, it's just that I usually see vanities on the side of the door opening instead (we don't have room for this with a 4-light switch gang).

Option 1: W/D in the bathroom

Option 2:

W/D not in the bathroom:

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