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I think I have RRD in my garden

LauraLG Z5b-NwPA
2 months ago

Hey, everyone. I’m feeling pretty bummed today as I come to terms with the probability that RRD has now hit a second rose. I know some of you read/replied to my concerns regarding my Queen of Sweden’s strange growth this past spring. Lots of great advice and it didn’t seem anyone was really feeling that the symptoms matched RRD well enough. I removed that one just to be safe. Well, just a few weeks ago i noticed new growth on my Desdemona (newly planted this past spring) was off-looking but attributed it to the quickly cooling weather. I can’t keep chalking it up to weather anymore….it looks exactly the same as my Queen of Sweden. One of my biggest issues with this is that I don’t know where it came from. I don't have neighbors that are nearby. We do, however, have wild multiflora in the woods surrounding our fields and farm maybe a football field distance away or more. Can the mites blow that distance? Does RRD show up the same way on wild multiflora as it does in garden roses because i haven’t located any unusual growth on multiflora surrounding us?

My Desdemona:

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