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Tiz the season to ENTERTAIN....or not...LOL!

This month we will not have mailing!

All you need to do is set a table and take a picture. Think of it as a TABLE SETTING CONTEST!! It can be casual, formal, inside, outside, rustic...whatever turns you on. There must be some kind of plant life (flowers, plants, on the table. And if you are “single”, that is fine as you can set a table for one person. No pictures from magazines or the internet PLEASE. You are allowed to submit more than one picture of your TABLE other words, several views of your table. Your TABLE SETTING can be themed or not!! And, of course, you do not need to be having a party to do this.

PLEASE give your TABLE SETTING a name!! HAVE FUN!!

As well, if you would like to enter more than one TABLE SETTING, that is A-OK.

The deadline to submit your TABLE SETTING(S) photos is Saturday, OCTOBER 22.

I am having a few party gatherings at the end of the month. I will have my guests at one of the gatherings vote for the #1 favorite.....

Participation has been low with our FOTESS and OBF groups. I will have some other ENTERTAINING games ect......depending on how many people sign up to play this month.

OK FOTESSERS, let's see what is on your “table” all of us what you got!!

Any Q's please ask!! HAPPY OCTOBER!!


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