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Post Basement Waterproofing - Terrible Tar / Kerosene Smell

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We had exterior waterproofing of our basement over a month ago but there is still a strong tar/kerosene smell. Smell is magnified by the using the basement dryer or the main floor kitchen. The basement dryer is unusable as the clothing has a strong smell after use. Waterproof company returned and stated that it is due to a lack of back flow limiter on basement plumbing. Based on suggestions, we have tried to poor water down two floor drains, used duct tape to seal the two floor drains, multiple fans, charcoal, vinegar, and an air purifier. The smell has not reduced.

Today we had a plumber out to see if he had any other suggestions and he stated there was nothing he could think of to abate the smell. When walking into the house, plumber immediately stated he could smell it, so I don't think we are being overall sensitive. There is no sewage smell.

Looking for any other suggestions/remedies.

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