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Fabricator broke quartzite at sink: repair or replace?

2 months ago

We have not had an easy go with our countertops (with a highly recommended fabricator no less). After two months of waiting for our remaining countertops after they initially cut the sink in the wrong place, they broke the new piece when loading it up. We now have to decide if we want them to repair it or recut it altogether.

The break is on one of the arms that goes around the sink. They've offered to recut it, however the remaining stone includes portions that we hoped to avoid for appearance reasons. That said, we feel very concerned about having a repair at such a high use area. Is a repaired break weaker or more susceptible to water or damage from trauma? They didn't deliver it so I haven't actually seen it, does it make a difference if it's in the front or back? Regardless, we do already have a seam in the middle of the sink so if we choose repair, we will have both a seam and a repair at the sink. The stone is Taj Mahal.

This is the last slab of this bundle, because they bought the last one available after their prior mistake. We're a bit on edge and are just ready to have a kitchen sink and have a positive outcome after quite a few errors of theirs!

Thank you!

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