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Cost question about building a home on land in South Carolina

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

We will be building on a 6 acre property we own in South Carolina. We plan to start construction in early 2025 so we can move the end of 2025. Hopefully by then lumber and everything else will have stabilized . My question is about cost to build . Is there any one here who can tell me approx cost in this area to build the size home I can give details about. We plan to use a builder. But I want to be sure I have some idea of costs before using a builders time and find out I am out of my ballpark. The house I am looking to build is around 2000 sq ft, one level with detached garage, hardi plank siding, anderson windows, all hardwood flooring, nice kitchen . Beyond that nothing fancy. I can post pic of my rough design of my idea which is a modified plan from one online without all the wraparound porchs.

Here is the online plans but we do not want all the porches etc...

We also want the detached garage which is about 820 Sq Ft.

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