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Designing my first living room

last year
last modified: last year

Hey all. This is my first time designing my living room, since I always lived with flatmates.

I got a small duplex, so I have an option to put a small study next to my bed. In that case I'd have the whole living room and open kitchen to entertainment. This is the option one.

I'm also considering having a study as a command peace at the back of the living room. This is option two. Then there would be space for a basic entertainment area, but really no space for dining.

Here are some designs I've made. It's in scale, but the color palette is not on point. Whole idea of these is just to see what I can physically fit inside!

For sure I need a couch, but everything else is still in the air.

Room height is 3m.

Dining table by the window. (Window towards south, so lot of light)

Entertaintment area by the window.

Study at the end of the room.

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