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How to declutter small bedroom that also needs to be a home office?

last year

I have an unusual problem.

I need to use a bedroom that‘s on the smaller side and make it a dual purpose room.

I can get all new furniture, but would like to avoid getting a Murphy bed.

The queen sized bed currently in the room can be downsized to something smaller though.

I need to consolidate two separate hampers and a laundry basket into something more space efficient and store the ironing board out of the way, but still inside the room.

The other issue is the space for a home office. I also have a unique situation where this office needs space for both a Mac and a PC.

I have an idea of possibly replacing the existing bulky tower PC with a mini PC that can be mounted behind a flat screen TV that will serve dual purpose as a monitor for the PC.

The Mac is a laptop that can be put away in a drawer when not being used.

I’m looking for ideas for space saving office furniture that has usable desk space, space to place a 32“ television/PC monitor, space for a keyboard/mouse drawer at an ergonomic height and space to store a printer and other office supplies.

Looking for ideas as minimal size as possible that meets these needs.

The room is bigger than 10’x10’, but I’m looking for ideas that could physically fit in a space that small if required so this room would not be cramped.

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