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Variations on a Butter Board

last month

Guess who just noticed that she is in charge of the appetizer for cookbook club this month? To quote Miss Piggy: Moi! I can’t pass up an opportunity to be au courant. 😂

After our conversation on @nekotish’s thread about the engagement party, I’ve decided to do a variation on a butter board, a variation that I mentioned on that thread. Goat cheese, fig spread, crisped pancetta, and, maybe, a drizzle of honey. Served with Trader Joe’s Raisin and Rosemary Crisps. I’m going to provide a spreader instead of expecting people to ”scoop” the cheese and toppings.

Do I need to put anything else on the board - not on top of the cheese but just almost a garnish - like maybe marcona almonds?

How much goat cheese would you use for 8 people? Our meals are appetizer, salad, main course with a side, and dessert. Would 8 oz of cheese be sufficient?

Would you suggest any additions? Deletions?

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