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Help! How can I cover a glass brick window in my shower?

Shauna Mac
2 months ago

We just bought a house that was built in 1998. We are getting ready to do some renovations, but will not be removing this glass brick window in the shower. I don’t love it, but changing it is not in the budget.

I actually like the light that it brings in during the day, but there is a street light right outside of the window that shines into the bathroom and in turn into our bedroom every night. (There is no door between the bathroom and bedroom. Just an arched doorway. This is in the shower, so I need to think about water resistance. Is there a way to cover it in a stylish manner, that will hold up to water? I don’t want to block it entirely, because it is wonderful to have the light in the daytime. Would love any suggestions! The window is just under 11 inches high, and 42.5 inches wide. It is way up high, so not easy to open and close curtains, if that was a suggestion.

Thanks for any ideas!🙏

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