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Recessed lighting/ceiling fan woes

Maribel K
2 months ago

So I purchased my condo last year and the previous owners did absolutely nothing to it because it was an investment property for them. I recently contacted an electrician to install recessed lighting and a ceiling fan because I’ve been in the dark and I was tired of turning on the AC. My condo layout is a little weird because the front door pops in so I told him to imagine the door was a wall and to center the lights and ceiling fan to the fireplace and then I was going to have him add two more recessed lights in the area where the door is located…well not only did he gang up on me, his worker, and my parents all ganged up on me and told me to center the lights with the ceiling because otherwise there will be “too many lights.” I gave in, but now I’m regretting it.

I want to know what you all think. Am I crazy…or is there really no wrong way to install recessed lighting/ceiling fans? I hate the way it looks and before you all say that it’s my condo…I know that. But this is also my first purchase and I’m learning. Thank you :)

First photo is the camera angled toward the ceiling; the second photo is from the hallway that leads to the kitchen; last one is also from the same hallway, but with my edits.

Don’t mind the mess haha

The dining chairs are from World Market and the floors are “PergoDefense+ 7.48 in. W Sun Veiled Oak Antimicrobial Waterproof Laminate Wood Flooring” from Home Depot.

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