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Hickory hardwood flooring stain options… please help!

Danielle Lanza
2 months ago

I was going to have the light hickory hardwood floors in the house we just purchased refinished and stained dark as I came from a house with beautiful dark walnut floors and love the dark hardwood look. The person who was going to stain our floors said because they are hickory that they can not be stained dark because the wood is too dense and it does not take to staining well and if attempted could be blotchy and uneven. I was devastated because I have to minimally have the floors screened or refinished (the prior owners did a number on them) but I hate the current super light, yellowish color. Is it true that the are too difficult to stain to dark color? If they are able to be stained, can you tell me the technique so I could share? Thank you!!

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