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What fabric for dining chairs?

Claudia Sotomayor
last month
last modified: last month

Hi everyone!

Please help me pick fabric color for dining chairs. Go with safe dark color (what I currently have-charcoal/black) or pop of bright color? I currently have mismatched chairs but want to purchase all black cane chairs (Ton A811 Chair) like the single one I have pictured in the photo. If I do all blackwood stain + black fabric, will it look too heavy? The color I was looking it is a light blue/aqua color called Brunei 38 (velvet). They sent me a tiny fabric sample so its hard to visualize. The store generates an image of the chair + fabric color. The living room rug has a light blue/aqua color in the faded rug but its sooo subtle so I don’t know how much it matters as far as tying things in. There are a few photos of items in these spaces with similar colors. The swatch is not an exact match to the blue in the artwork… will that be a big problem? Excuse the drawers under the bench seat (they aren finished yet). They still need their drawer fronts attached with hardware.

Thank you for your opinions!


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