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As of 9/22/2022, Big Chill Has Reduced It’s Warranty Coverage

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Was looking at the Big Chill site with an interest in their Retro Line. Under the FAQ sectikn, it states that, as of September 22, their warranty is now only 1 year parts and labor. They had, at least for their cooking appliances made by Bluestar, been warranted for 2 YEARS! This is not a confidense-inspiring move from my perspective. And combined with ongoing customer service issues as reported here in a number of discussions, I’m even more hesitant than before to take a chance on what I consider to be some of the most beautifully designed appliances on the market whether its thise in the Retro Line or some of the newer lines they now sell. Such a shame as its good to have choices in an industry that has increasingly consolidated to just a few large manufacturers. But no matter how lovely the are to look at, function must at least be the equal of form given how much I enjoy cooking. My kitchen is more than just for show so………,Sadly , I must take a pass on this brand :-( 

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