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Cork against hardwood?

2 months ago

In our kitchen reno, we are hoping to take down a wall and meld the dining area and kitchen to be more of one room. Currently, the dining room and living room are all original oak in good condition, the kitchen is ceramic tile that I cannot get rid of fast enough. If/when we conjoin these two rooms, the flooring should be congruous. The only transitions are standard doorframe between the kitchen and LR and a standard doorframe between dining area and kitchen. (It’s a small house, the new eat in kitchen will be about 250 sf.

I do not want to extend the wood into the kitchen - it just would not work for us. I was originally planning just sheet or vinyl tile, but now am worried having half of the first floor in tile will be very cold feeling. I am not excited to cover the hardwoods, and I know the rule of thumb is to not abut LVT in a wood look next to real hardwoods (even if the transtions are 32” in two different areas, I guess).

All this to say… what about cork for the dining/kitchen area? We are in Maine, the tile floor is so unbearably cold and hard, and I want something softer and warmer - but that can handle being in the kitchen. Is cork what I am looking for?

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