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Need help with trying to move a tree in a wine barrel

Gonzo M.
last year

Its a full size wine barrel, its currently on the side of my house sitting on concrete. I need to move it to the back yard which is about 10 yards away, the whole path is concrete... Problem is i couldnt even tilt the barrel to put the dolly underneath it, its so heavy... The tree is a Japanese Maple, its about 6 ft tall, idk how old the tree is, i moved into the house and it was already there.

I had two other people help me out and we managed to tilt it just enough to slide the dolly in but that was the furthest we could go... we couldnt get the dolly to tilt with the barrel, the dolly even started to bend some. We also used ratchet straps around the barrel and dolly.

Im thinking if i could take some soil out of the barrel to make it lighter, is that an option or will that kill the tree?

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