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Please help with the exterior of my home.

2 months ago

We are starting the process of replacing the roof due to hail damage. I want to repaint the house and want to decide on the colors before I pick a roof shingle color. We also plan to replace the front door and I have no idea what would look best with the home. I do want a window in the door to add more light in the home (prefer 3/4 length glass), but I want some privacy. I don't really like the look of frosted glass. I do love the look of stained glass, either with colors or clear but I don't think that goes with the style of the home. Also if anyone has some suggestions, I would like to replace the porch light and redo the porch railing.
Please help me pick some paint colors, front door ideas, porch railings, and porch light. Thank you so much.

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