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Kitchen Plan Critique Wanted

Becky Lee McCabe
2 months ago

We are planning on expanding our old worn out kitchen. Goals are to increase storage/countertop space and improve access to the backyard.

Kitchen will be bumped out 4' and then an additional 5' bump along part of the wall.

Our goals are: better access to the outside, maintaining a cozy nook area, expanded storage and countertop space.



My big concern with this plan is that the microwave is located fairly far away from the fridge but I can't see where else it would go. I want the island to be more of a worktable so we can't put it there. I worry putting it near the stove in the corner will reduce the amount of usable countertop space I have.

I'd love to hear what the Houzz community thinks about this microwave situation or any other thoughts/concerns/critiques of this plan.

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